Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mark O'Connell & the Angel Network

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Wisconsin Angel Network

Mark opens the show this week talking about the importance of private sector business success and the positive impact that it has on the state. One of the areas where that success comes from is the start-up and stage one businesses created everyday by entrepreneurs all over the state of Wisconsin.

Businesses in their earliest stages need capital and investors to ensure their success and their ability to procure resources. This is where the Angel Network steps in, a branch of the Wisconsin Technology Council.

According to its website, the mission of the Wisconsin Angel Network (WAN) "is to build early-stage capital capacity throughout Wisconsin, increasing the number and amount of equity investments in Wisconsin's entrepreneurs."

"WAN was founded in January 2005 as an umbrella organization providing services and resources to the early-stage investing community. WAN is a public-private initiative rooted in Governor Jim Doyle's Grow Wisconsin plan and the Legislature's Act 255 initiative; it is operated by the Wisconsin Technology Council."

An angel investor is an early stage venture capitalist and is usually an accredited investor with a net worth greater than $1 million or an income greater than $200,000 for each of the last two years. Having an accredited investor exempts the entrepreneur from federal filing regulations and funding limitations. An angel network, than, is a group of venture capitalists who co-invest in business opportunities.

Mark O'Connell's guest this week is the director of the Wisconsin Angel Network, Joe Kremer. For more information about this organization, check out the website

Saturday, February 13, 2010


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Last week, over St. Valentine's Day weekend, Diane had a rebroadcast of one of her most popular and insightful shows. The topic? Differentiation.

It's no longer business as usual. These times call for a greater knowledge of who you are in the business world and keener understanding of your competitive edge. It's not just about being good, it's about being different - and knowing how you're different.

How you define and position your business or brand is your secret weapon for growing your business and gaining market share. This kind of marketing is not about trying to be as good as or better than your competition – it’s about understanding and capitalizing on what sets you apart to gain a competitive edge.
Having a clear understanding of your firm’s strengths and challenges is a must if you want to differentiate yourself in the market. Once you know these things inside and out, you will be able to correctly position your business each and every time.

During this show Diane not only discusses strategies and options, but also gives an example of a company that recently worked on their differentiation. Guest Matt Hedstrom from LPI came into the studio to talk about what their firm did to better define their business, expand geographic reach, and grow their business.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Talking Politics with Mark O'Connell

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Mark O'Connell with Steven Walters

Mark O'Connell was broadcasting over the airwaves with his guest Steven Walters this weekend. There is a lot to talk about in Wisconsin politics and they covered it all. Walters is an influential political journalist in Wisconsin who has talked to some of the most important people in the recent history of the state. He is also teaching two courses on journalism at UW-Madison this semester.

Thanks to both Walters' and Mark's experience, expect a lively and thoughtful conversation. They bring insight into the area of political journalism and Walters' new endeavor, WisconsinEye. This is a broadcast news, cable channel that exclusively covers the political life of Wisconsin. In addition to their broadcast channel, serves as a resource for residents interested in all things political.