Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Triad Construction - An Entrepreneurial Story of Challenges & Success

All markets are being hit by the uncertain economy – and one of the hardest hit is construction. Every day we hear news of more layoffs and worse. It’s enough to want to pull the covers over your head or throw in the towel.

But, as entrepreneurs….throwing in the towel is not an option. It simply isn’t in us to give up. Taking risks is what got us here…finding ways to succeed against seemingly impossible odds in some crazy way - fuels us.

Today we have a great story of how one small, young firm is working to beat the odds. Just entering their 5th year in business, Triad Construction has accomplished things that many firms like them don’t do in a lifetime. In these past 5 years the firm has been named:

• Wisconsin Builder’s Up and Coming Firm of the Year
• The Mayor’s Design Award and Top Projects Award
• Biz Times Fastest Growing Firms
• Waukesha’s Chamber of Commerce Top 10 Firms
• Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce Future 50 Award not once, not twice but this is their third year being honored

Still, it hasn’t been an easy journey. They have experienced layoffs, cutbacks and stiff competition in a market where every contractor is looking for their next job.

Theirs is a story like all of ours – They are asking themselves -what next? How do we survive in a market where no one really knows when things will turn?

Werner and Mike have looked at their business and have come up with some simply strategies to maintain and hopefully grow their business. I have asked them to come on the show today and talk about what they are doing to beat the odds. I believe – regardless of the business you are in – you will find some possible solutions to some of your own business challenges.