About Diane Chamness

As a Business Development Consultant and President of Chamness Group, Diane Chamness assists organizations in navigating change. From facilitating strategic planning sessions and orchestrating team visioning processes, to consulting on strategic management issues and designing marketing initiatives, Diane takes a comprehensive approach to working with clients.

She has worked with a myriad of entities, from entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized companies, to non-profits and family businesses. She has also done extensive work with public entities, helping them to better organize, outline future directives, and effectively work toward common goals. Diane brings a wealth of experience in strategic marketing, brand development, public relations and human resources, and in the business consulting realm as a coach, consultant and management strategist. She is a “strategist” and possesses the keen ability to assess a situation quickly and come up with viable options for change.

Diane has degrees in Business Management and Professional Communications from Alverno College. Prior to starting her own firm, Diane was Marketing and Business Development Director for Zimmerman Design and Plunkett Raysich Architects where she assisted in the development of each firm’s strategic business plans, coordinated and directed overall marketing and public relations programs and maintained client relations. She also served as Personnel Director at Miller Compressing where she was responsible for all aspects of personnel, including: recruiting, organizational development, policy development and implementation, union negotiations and liaison, affirmative action, and training and development.