Saturday, March 27, 2010

BizStarts Milwaukee

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BizStarts Milwaukee

Recently, there has been such a depression and gloom surrounding the topic of business and small companies. However, the positive is often neglected. This week Diane looks to the bright side of things - funding sources and new business start-up opportunities.

Dan Steininger of BizStarts Milwaukee joined Diane in the studio this week. BizStarts supports the efforts of entrepreneurs in several capacities. It attempts to connect entrepreneurs with the right resources to improve, grow the the number of fast-growing companies in Milwaukee, promote and create a strong entrepreneurial business climate in Milwaukee, and create an infrastructure specifically designed to nurture and grow innovative, fast-growing companies and play an instrumental role in promoting entrepreneurship in educational institutions.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fifth Annual Micro Entrepreneur Expo

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Paul Decker joined Diane in the studio this week as they discussed the Fifth Annual Micro Entrepreneur Expo taking place on Wednesday, April 7, 2010. Paul is the president of Positive Presentations and will be the Emcee of the conference.

This year the small business strategy the conference will be exploring is fusion marketing. Fusion marketing involves embracing the beauty and advantage of cooperation with the goal of mutual profitability. Diane will be presenting on this intriguing topic and the conference and gives a preview of what she'll be discussing then on this week's radio show.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Women Putting Their Stamp on Metro Milwaukee

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Women Putting Their Stamp on Metro Milwaukee

This year Diane received the honor of being named the Business award winner for the annual "Women Putting Their Stamp on Metro Milwaukee" award presented by the United States Postal Service.

In honor of the other fantastic women celebrated besides Diane this year, this show is dedicated to all 2010 winners. Diane had several guests this week, all having to do with this spectacular award. The three award winners she featured are as follows:

Doralyn Wilson, the Postal Service winner for 2010, spoke with Diane about her position in the postal service and what motivates her.

Kathryn Dunn, of the Helen Bader Foundation, was this year's winner for the Diversity Champion Award. She provided more information about her organization and discussed her greatest motivation in life.

Leslie Myers, the Abilities Awareness winner for this year, completed our lineup of this year's winners. She works for Independence First and shared her advice to young women across Milwaukee - with and without disabilities.

Congratulations to all of the winners for their accomplishments and what they have done for Milwaukee!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10 Rookie Manager Mistakes

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Rookie Manager Mistakes

Business owners have had to make many internal changes to manage this lagging economy. With all the layoffs and downsizing, many employees have been asked to step into roles they have little or no training for and, in some cases, no inherent skills. Managing is hard work – motivation is even more difficult.

When times were good, many managers and supervisors were promoted into their jobs simply because they were the best at performing a set of specific tasks among a team of people.

However, becoming a manager requires different skills, skills that the recently promoted employee may never have been trained to do. No wonder so many mistakes are made.

This week Diane, along with Matt Hedstrom from LPI, talk about the typical mistakes managers make and things that can be done to prevent the following from happening.

Here are 10 typical mistakes made by first-time supervisors:

1. They persist in still doing their old jobs, rather than their new ones. As a result, they don’t delegate; they burn themselves out while the people who report to them can’t grow and thus feel unmotivated.

2. Out of a sense of insecurity, they sometimes view smart new people as competition, rather than assets. As a result, this de-motivates the people who could well represent their best hope for making the team a success.

3. They can be so afraid of making a mistake that they make no decision at all. By their indecisiveness, they lose the respect of their people – and with the loss of respect comes the loss of any chance to motivate people.

4. They fail to consider the consequences of their promotion on their former relationships with teammates. You can’t be best friend with a subordinate.

5. As a result of these factors, new managers play favorites based on former friendships. That destroys the morale and motivation of everyone else.

6. They see themselves as crusaders. They represent their people against the company, which is bound to end in disaster – or the other way around, which is guaranteed to turn everyone into an enemy unmotivated to perform.

7. When pressured to act unethically, they’re afraid to take a stand and do the right thing. Loss of integrity in the eyes of the workers will inevitably result in de-motivation.

8. They fail to adequately communicate laterally other managers, as well as up to their bosses and down to their own team. To be properly motivated, people can’t be kept in the dark like mushrooms.

9. They fail to reach out for help, thinking they have to be all-knowing. Admitting one doesn’t have all the answers can be an important factor in gaining respect.

10. They’re either too direct or too indirect in their dealings with their subordinates. They have a hard time finding a middle ground.