Monday, March 26, 2012

Strategies for Early Retirement Healthcare Coverage

Listen to the show: Terry Frett - Early Retirement Healthcare

Frett Barrington, Ltd. often gets calls from small business owners and individuals who are less than age 65 who want to retire. The challenge for these people is securing health coverage until they reach Medicare eligibility (age 65). Terry Frett, President of Frett Barrington, Ltd., and his colleague, Liz Johnson, will discuss a variety of strategies for these individuals, including:

•       COBRA
•       Private Insurance
•       If selling the business, negotiating health coverage to 65
•       HIRSP

Monday, March 19, 2012

Create Your Own Luck in Business and Life

Listen to the show: Create Your Own Luck

Join Diane and Paul for the St. Patrick's Day show and listen to how you can create and also inadvertently block "luck" in your business and personal life. What does luck mean and how does it work? How can you open yourself up to being more "lucky"? Listeners will also call in and share their stories of lucky opportunities and encounters.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Small Technology Company Means Big Business

Listen to the show: Running a Technology Business

Jason Kayzar, owner of MC2, filled in for Diane as a guest host this week on Business Solutions. Jason's company assists business with their telecommunications connectivity. This week Jason will discuss his experience as a small business owner, how his company got started 11 years ago, and some keys to MC2's success in the technology world.