Saturday, July 31, 2010

Political Expert Mark O'Connell

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Wisconsin Politics

Mark O'Connell is in the studio bringing you news and information about the political issues important to the state.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Buying Local, Milwaukee

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Buy Local

Buying local is a trend that has exploded with the organic and environmental movements; however, it has profound implications for businesses unassociated with food products and the local economy.

For this show, Diane brings Nancy Quinn to the studio. She works with Our Milwaukee, a business alliance that advocates for locally owned businesses that provide a genuine, quality experience - in celebration of our community's unique character. It is the locally owned businesses that maintain Milwaukee's unmistakable style. Our Milwaukee has 175 business members who range from retailers to restaurants to business-to-business/service providers.

Listen in to hear Nancy speak about what buying local really means, the benefits of patronage to local businesses, and the awareness campaign they are running during the month of April.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Real Estate Tenant Consulting

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The World of Tenant Consulting in Real Estate

After labor, real estate is usually the highest fixed cost for a business. Because businesses invest so much into this area, it would make sense to contact an expert in tenant real estate to be sure you are getting the most with the money you invest.

Jaime Levine from Weiss Berzowski Brady is in the studio with one of her firm's clients, Michael of Cresa Partners, who deals specifically with tenant real estate advising.

Listen in as Diane probes our guests and gets you the information about tenant real estate advising that can be helpful for your own organization.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Taking a Vacation is Good for Business

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Taking a Vacation

This week, Diane talks about a topic that should be considered very important to all small business owners and entrepreneurs, but is ignored by many: taking a vacation. Many small business owners worry that if they take time for vacation they risk losing business, and to avoid the loss of business they just don't take one. However, research suggests that forgoing a vacation, including the psychological and physical health benefits associated with vacation, will not help you or your business.

Some quick facts about taking vacations:
- 66% of bosses worry about their business when they're out of the office and 75% check in by phone or email even when they are on vacation several times a day.
- If there is one thing small business owners can do to improve their companies' performances, experts say, it is take some time off.
- Researchers have found that people who work long hours can even become addicted to their own stress hormones. They feel sluggish when they're out of the office so the head back in for their fix, and the cycle repeats itself.
- Small business people tend to avoid long vacations, but studies show the psychological benefits of vacation start accruing after seven days. It takes most people two or three days just to start relaxing.
- The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics found that approximately 574 million vacation days go unused by American workers each year.
- The average annual vacation days taken in the U.S. is 13. Compare that to 25 in Japan, 37 in France, and 26 in Germany.
- Studies show that men who take a yearly vacation are 30% less likely to have a heart attack and women are 50% less likely.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Playing with Fire: The Business of Fireworks

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Playing with Fire

It's the Forth of July weekend and everyone has their own traditions: family cookouts, parades, red, white and blue decorations, and of course, there are the fireworks. As you watch the fantastic displays against the night sky, do you ever think of the business that are responsible for the show? Well, we did. That's why we have representatives from American Fireworks and Bartolotta Fireworks in the studio to tell us about their businesses and how they turn a seasonal product into a year-round business.

American Fireworks is a company that sells consumer-grade fireworks for you to set off on your own - make a private show for your family and friends with the help of the staff's recommendations and your own personal favorite fireworks.

Bartolotta Fireworks is responsible for several of the biggest firework displays in Milwaukee including Summerfest's Big Bang, U.S. Bank's 4th of July show, and several of the "fest" firework displays.

Their insights are both enlightening and fascinating. The business of fireworks is truly a fun and unique line of work.