Chamness Group

Chamness Group is a business development consulting firm that works with organizations that want to change and grow. 

Strategic Planning - A strategic plan is the map to the future success of your company. We help you understand what’s going on inside and outside of your organization. We help you dream and develop a clear vision and goals. We are even better at developing realistic action plans for goals to be accomplished. 

Marketing Planning - Marketing is the positioning and promotion of your brand. An effective plan defines what differentiates you from others and assesses the external marketplace for trends and opportunities. Our plans blend your brand with opportunities to create greater recognition, generate more business and inspire your audience. 

Organizational Development - Your organization is only as good as the people in it. Through organizational restructuring, professional, board or leadership development, we tackle the tough issues you face inside the organization. 

Facilitation - The process of planning and working with a variety of groups requires you to be a skilled facilitator and problem solver. A good facilitator has the ability to be forceful enough to keep a group on task but does it in a way that makes participants feel engaged, not directed. A good facilitator remains objective, have a keen understanding of human nature and help bring a group to consensus. We are great facilitators. We know this because our clients tell us so.

Diversity Initiatives - Diversity. Difference. Dissimilarity. Our world is changing. We have multiple generations in one business. We are communicating with people from other nations in ways we never have before. We have personally developed some of the most successful small, woman and minority business programs in Wisconsin and have gained wide recognition for our work in this area. 

We love what we do, we have a great reputation, long term clients and exceptional business partners.

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